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Semen Analysis Specialist

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Around 10-15% of couples have fertility problems, and 30% of those couples have issues due to male factor infertility. At Gago Center for Fertility, with locations in Lansing, Brighton, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Laura April Gago, MD, and her team offer comprehensive male fertility testing including semen analysis to identify the issue interfering with your ability to grow your family. Call Gago Center for Fertility or schedule a consultation online today.



Semen Analysis Q & A

What is semen analysis?

When the team at Gago Center for Fertility assesses your fertility, a semen analysis provides valuable information about the quantity and quality of your sperm. Also called a sperm count test, semen analysis examines the size, shape, and mobility of your sperm as well as the volume of sperm in a sample.

Your sperm count varies from day to day, so the team usually performs at least two semen analysis procedures to get an accurate portrayal of your sperm count and health. Semen analysis is available at all three Gago Center for Fertility locations.

What happens during the semen analysis process?

Your sperm test begins with you providing a sample of your semen. You can collect your sample at home or at Gago Center for Fertility. A fertility lab technician then examines your semen sample to estimate the volume of sperm in your sample and observe their mobility. They wash and separate your sperm to check their size and shape.

During a semen analysis, the lab technician checks:

  • Sperm count
  • Mobility
  • Shape and size
  • Color
  • Liquification speed
  • Semen pH

Abnormalities in any of these areas can interfere with your fertility.

What should I do to prepare for semen analysis?

Dr. Gago gives you personalized instructions on how to prepare for your semen analysis. In general, you should:

  • Avoid ejaculating for 24-72 hours
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs that could affect your sample
  • Stop taking any hormonal medication
  • Stop taking any herbal supplements such as Saint John’s wort or echinacea

When you provide your sample, it’s essential that it remains at body temperature to maintain accurate results.

What can I do to improve the quantity and quality of my sperm?

While in some cases, sperm issues are genetic and not in your control, making healthy lifestyle choices may improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. For example, limiting your alcohol consumption and avoiding tobacco products and other drugs can reduce your risk of low sperm counts. Similarly, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise helps your body — and your sperm production — to function at optimal levels.

Call Gago Center for Fertility or schedule a consultation online to start the fertility testing process and arrange for your semen analysis.