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Embryo Donation Specialist

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When you’re trying to grow your family, and it’s not happening as expected, you may consider using embryo donation to address fertility issues. At Gago Center for Fertility, with locations in Lansing, Brighton, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Laura April Gago, MD, runs a strong embryo donation program and has years of experience in helping families grow. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for six months to a year without success, call Gago Center for Fertility or schedule a consultation online today.



Embryo Donation Q & A

Why would I use a donated embryo?

Embryo donation is a fertility treatment option for women and couples who can’t conceive naturally. For example, if you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to get pregnant naturally, your or your partner may have reproductive health problems including:

  • Diminished ovarian reserves
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm motility

In addition to these reproductive health issues, you might also carry a genetic disorder that’s preventing you from getting pregnant, or you might not want to pass on specific genes or traits.

Where do donated embryos come from?

In some cases, when a family goes through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, they may successfully have children and not use all the embryos. Some families decide to put them up for adoption, to help other families who are trying to conceive and using assisted reproductive technology services. There are also embryo donation centers such as Snowflakes embryo adoption program, Embryos Alive, Nightlight Embryo Adoption, Adoption Services of Cedar Park, Miracles Waiting, and ReproTech that we work with.

What is the process of using donated embryos?

Embryo donation is similar to traditional IVF, but it cuts out several of the steps, including ovulation stimulation and egg retrieval. Because the embryos are already created, Dr. Gago monitors your menstrual cycle and may prescribe medication to regulate or increase the development of your endometrial lining to create a hospitable environment for the embryo.

When your body is ready, Dr. Gago uses a thin catheter to place an embryo in your uterus during a minimally invasive procedure. Depending on your situation, she may put more than one embryo into your uterus to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. In most cases, you will know if the embryo transfer was successful approximately two weeks after your procedure.

Can I donate embryos?

If you go through IVF procedures at Gago Center for Fertility and successfully have all the children you want, you can talk to Dr. Gago about donating your remaining embryos to other families who are trying to have babies. Dr. Gago and her team provide counseling and advice to help you make this very personal decision.

If you’ve been trying to have a baby for between six months and year without success, call Gago Center for Fertility or make an appointment online for compassionate and personalized fertility treatments.

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